Bretagne sous influences

Created at the « Nouveau Pavillon » in Bouguenais in June 2014, the show « Bretagne sous Influences » was the result of three years of studies with the very first class of the B.A Breton Music Performance. This show of 1h20 was composed by five of the finest Breton musicians of the young generation: Ylan Couriaut (saxophone / bombarde), Glenn Gouthe (uilleann pipes / biniou), Gweltaz Lintanf (box /singing in breton), Quentin Vestur (harp) and Clément Le Goff (bombarde / singing in gallo). Accompanied by the double bass player Hugues Lassere, and led with the artistic feedbacks of Ronan Pellen and Sylvain Girault, they explored numerous angles of traditional Breton music (melody, laments, marches, dance music, etc.) with different influences like Macedonian music, jazz, or contemporary music.